Service Description Summary

This summary is just a flavour. The full details are here.

Network Performance and Infrastructure Integrity: Using PathView to actively probe end to end network paths to assess their ability to support consistently acceptable application performance. A unique approach to end to end Network Performance Management.

Application Aware Traffic Visibility: Understand the utilization and performance profiles of applications traversing your critical WAN and Internet links. Easily drill down to top Apps, sources, destinations and QoS.

Web Performance Monitoring: Use synthetic transactions to monitor the performance of pages or navigation sequences. Outputs are total page load time as the user experiences it, plus a breakdown of that delay by server, network and browser. Also, for each visit to each page a waterfall chart is generated and saved.

Application-Specific Assessments: Perform software modelling of the network and the applications running on it. This establishes a baseline used to predict the effect on performance of introducing new applications, more users, network and topology changes and fail-over strategies.

Capacity trending and Planning: The NetResolve Capacity Planning consultancy service collects and analysis trending information and builds this into a capacity plan to show future network requirements.

Voice and Video Assessments: Inject real voice and video calls into the network to better understand their performance and their effect on the other data applications. Verify QoS/CoS implementations.

Unified Communications & Collaboration Assessments: As an Extension of our Video and Voice Assessments, our Unified Communications and Collaboration Assessments (UC&C) include PathView network infrastructure tests for various simultaneous combinations of Voice, Video, and Interactive Desktop share. In particular, we are certified for Office 365 Performance Management. A course introduced by Microsoft in November 2014.

Network Emulation: Where Application-Specific Assessments, look broadly across an organisation, Network Emulation tends to focus on a single application to show its performance profile over a variety of network conditions. Before you deploy it, gain insight into how an application handles permutations of capacity restrictions, packet loss, RTT fluctuations, Jitter, etc. A practical example of this might be to compare application performance when accessed by home broadband, 3G phone and 4G tablet from any geographical location.

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